Fighting back

Mozzo Coffee | 25 November, 2020

Welcome back, or should we say hello as it has been a while since we shared a BeanBulletin. Rather than hunker down at Mozzo during this turbulent 2020 we’re pushing forward with positive long term decisions including... doubling our C2C Fund™ contribution; building, equipping & funding the operation of the 1st maternity clinic on Idjwi Island, DRC; starting the transition to only using fully traceable coffees across our business (we previously use a mix of fully traceable & exporter coffees in our House Series Blends) and some very exciting news regarding our commitment to Mozzo in Paris…


On March 23rd we lost 97%+ of our revenues overnight. Since then we have had to take on debt we never wanted, just to keep the business alive. At times it has been demoralising, at times we've been angry. We had to cut costs and lose good people, like so many businesses. We kept asking “Why are we doing this?” and the answer was “To help make the world a fairer and braver place”.

So in June we doubled our C2C Fund™ contributions from 5 to 10p per kg of roast & ground coffee and from November we now invest 1p per brew-in-cup coffee bag sold into the C2C Fund™. If we can return the business to pre-Covid volumes Mozzo will contribute £25,000+ per year into the Fund. However we don’t want to stop there… our goal is to contribute £1,000,000 to the C2C Fund™ by 2030.

Idjwi Island Maternity Clinic
When visiting coffee cooperative Rebuild Women's Hope in the DRC we asked the communities of Idjwi Island what they needed most.

The answer, a maternity clinic.


There wasn't one on the island of 250,000 and sadly each year women and babies die during childbirth. Since February Mozzo, via the C2C Fund™, has contributed £17,100 to enable the build, followed by £21,028 to equip the clinic. Opening in December, we've pledged to meet the operation costs for Dec '20 to Feb '21 of £1,774 a month (more on this later). Mozzo Masters Grant and Kim will be back out in the DRC in December to celebrate the opening of the clinic to share with you all.

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