Introducing Our New Seasonal Blend

Mozzo Coffee | 30 April, 2022

Say hello to Free Spirit! The first of two new blends arriving this year created with adventure and discovery in mind to bring you coffees full of character both in and out of the cup.

Free Spirit is a celebration of bravery, optimism and independence inspired by the coffees that make up the blend. Featuring two coffees from cooperatives that embody the non-conformist and courageous characteristics of a free spirit, this coffee is remarkably bright and bold. With high notes of caramelised pineapple, lime and berry and warm undertones of chocolate, expect a coffee that is confidently complex with great body and juicy acidity.

You heard it hear first... Free Spirit is now available to enjoy at home, snap up a bag or two today.

At Mozzo, we believe in connecting people and empowering positive change through the uplifting power of coffee. It has been wonderful to experience this in action as we take further steps forward in growing the Mozzo community in the USA.

We’ve welcomed our first official American Mozzo Master, Thomas, who is already busy getting to know the wonderful team of Brand Ambassadors at CitizenM Hotels, serving Mozzo Coffee across the USA. Our Director of Coffee, Danielle (pictured above in Times Square this month) has also been hopping across the pond to spend some time immersing CitizenM teams in the world of coffee, including cupping sessions, barista training and sharing general coffee culture passion.

We are extremely proud to partner with CitizenM hotels creating awesome coffee experiences across the UK, France and USA. With ambitious vision putting them right at the forefront of the hotel disruptor scene, challenging the idea of luxury through cutting-edge thinking and progressive culture, it’s an honour to be able to grow together across the globe.

Follow us @mozzocoffeeus on Instagram for regular updates on our adventures into America.

Next week marks National Small Business Week, and we will be celebrating all the small and independent businesses that we are proud to partner with at Mozzo.

We know (and have experienced) that Covid-19 and the resulting economic volatility has significantly impacted small businesses, with two-thirds seeing their revenue decrease during the pandemic. But as we all enter a phase of recovery, there is an incredible sense of optimism amongst our customers who are now looking ahead to a positive future.

This small business week, we want to shine a light on some of our awesome independent customers and celebrate those, who despite all challenges, inspire us with their ideas, creativity and resilience. Follow us on Instagram @mozzocoffee to join in with our celebrations.