Introducing Our New Single-Origin Coffee

Mozzo Coffee | 31 January, 2022

At Mozzo Coffee we are proud to shine a light on the coffee-growing communities that we partner with throughout the value chain. Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our new single-origin coffee with an exceptional cooperative from Nicaragua called La Providencia.

Situated in areas of outstanding natural beauty in North Wiwili, Nicaragua, La Providencia Cooperative was founded by 20 local farmers in 1996. Growing 100% Arabica coffee on the edge of the Reserva Natural Cerro Kilambe and mountain range Cordillera Isabelia, the 337 male and female members of La Providencia Cooperative work to ensure their coffee contributes to the health of the land, the farmers and the people who drink it.

We will be sharing more information on the cooperative and its coffee-growing processes in the coming weeks. Until then, the first batch of our hand-roasted coffee from Nicaragua is available online. Expect to find your cup full of exceptional flavours with notes of ripe fruits, citrus and smooth chocolate.

Established in 2015, the C2C Fund™ is our way of ensuring every purchase of Mozzo Coffee delivers a positive impact throughout the coffee value chain. The Fund sets out to support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities.

From coffee sales throughout 2021, we were delighted that we were able to invest a total of £12,392.17 into our C2C Fund™. Mozzo Coffee also invested an additional £19,336.52 into the C2C Fund™ during 2021 to support our coffee-growing communities throughout the pandemic. A total of £97,625.19 has been invested into the C2C Fund™ since its inception in 2015.

Investment has so far helped us build the first-ever maternity clinic on Idjwi Island (DRC) in partnership with female-led cooperative Rebuild Women’s Hope, and enabled us to work with and help improve the infrastructure, productivity and coffee quality of the Muungano cooperative in DRC. 

Following the launch of our single-origin coffee from Nicaragua, we are hoping to strengthen our relationship with the coffee-growing communities in the region and understand how C2C Fund™ investment can support the coffee farmers moving forward. Watch this space.