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It finally happened...

Mozzo Coffee

Nous sommes ouverts!!
(We are open )

Monday 20th September. The sun shone as the Mozzo Boutique in Paris officially opened its doors!
Some say we are crazy to be transforming an old estate agents office into a shiny (it has turned out very shiny!) coffee boutique during a pandemic… yet we know how important it is to be brave at a time like this. Rather than hunker down and focus solely on protecting profit, we believe stepping out and trying something bold is the best long term strategy to really make a positive impact in this world.
Sharing the Mozzo magic and spreading smiles across the 11th arrondissement are our proficient Parisian Mozzo Masters, Helene and Silvia. Helene has been a founding member of our French venture since 2019 and Silvia (a Mexican in Paris, or Frenchxican as she calls it) is a very welcome recent addition to the Parisian team. Full of beans and ready to serve the community some exceptional espresso, or perhaps some beans to enjoy at home, should you ever find yourself in the area do stop by for a coffee and a chat…

Recycle your Mozzo Magic...

The coffee world is awash with “compostable" capsules but we at Mozzo are yet to find one we really rate – one that is truly home (or otherwise easily) compostable AND still guarantees a high quality brew every time. Trust us, we’ve tried. As well as providing by far the best oxygen barrier and therefore the freshest possible coffee experience, our 100% aluminium capsules are fully recyclable via our own closed loop capsule recycling scheme. Every element is recycled - the aluminium is turned into new items (aluminium can be recycled forever, at 5% the energy used to originally create it, and never lose its quality), the coffee is reused in products like compost or fuel and the plastic recycling bags are turned from waste-to-energy.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Just grab yourself one of our free capsule recycling bags when making your coffee order.
2. Enjoy your coffee and the ease of simply popping your used capsules in the recycling bag - no need to scoop or rinse out.
3. When the bag is filled to the indicated line, simply request a free collection with your next Mozzo capsule order. We’ll pick up from your door step – so simple!

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