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Mozzo Coffee | 21 April, 2021

Fresh out of lockdown and, with hospitality finally allowed to open up, we hope you’ve all been able to enjoy your first taste of almost-freedom coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner on the terraces and gardens this past opening week.

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry as a whole has taken an enormous blow this past year, so please do continue to get out as much as you can to support your local café, restaurant, bar or hotel – be they serving Mozzo Magic or other - they’re all excitedly eager to see you back and rely on your sustained support for survival…

Doubling our impact

To celebrate a year of our online store, we are doubling our C2C Fund 
contribution for the whole month of April. This means that 20p per kg of roast & ground coffee will be going directly into the Fund, as well as 2p per brew bag and 2p per capsule.

To give a little context, this is what it means in reality for the communities on Idjwi Island

- The average salary on Idjwi Island for a woman working in the field is £0.58 a day (Rebuild Women's Hope Cooperative (RWH) women are paid £2.53 a day)
- Malnutrition is a huge issue on Idjwi Island. A full treatment program costs only £20.25 per child.
- It costs as little as £21.69 a week to feed a family of 4.

So a huge thank you for your continuing support of Mozzo - every order genuinely makes a difference and has enabled us to invest a total of £66,856.47 into the C2C Fund™ to date.

Paris in progress...
Steady headway continues to be made at the Mozzo Boutique in Paris. The store has been a hive of activity with plumbers and electricians as well as digging up and re-laying the entire floor (!) and a fresh coat of paint outside and in… We’re excited and inspired to be working with the awesome team at Shape Studios to really transform the space into a unique place full of Mozzo Magic. More updates to follow soon, as well as details of launch day (and party!)


Heard about our coffee bags?

A super convenient and super tasty way to enjoy a cup of Mozzo Magic at home, in the office or whilst travelling. Use as you would a tea bag, our Coffee Bags are packed full (10g in fact!) of 100% Arabica filter coffee, all you need is a kettle and a mug to create a knock out cup.

Available in our most popular Red Label blend or as Blue Label for the decaf lovers…discover the ease of making a brilliant brew here