Will you find a Golden Ticket?

Mozzo Coffee | 06 August, 2021

This August, we've teamed up with one of our fantastic partners, CitizenM hotels, to run one of our biggest competitions yet!

Think 5 lucky winners, 1 incredible prize...and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is order your coffee as usual. No, we're not kidding!

Progress in Paris continues despite the constant Covid-related constraints...as we work our way around the restrictions and related knock-on problems, it's reaffirmed that our boutique really is a labour of love... 

Despite the challenges, and even more so because of them, we are so excited to launch our Mozzo Boutique in a few weeks' time and share some Mozzo magic with the local community. Driving deeper into our values, we're also investing 10cents per barista coffee served (as well as our set contribution from all retail products sold) directly into our C2C Fund, so coffee communities further afield can share in the benefit too.
Brazil is the world's biggest grower of coffee (accounting for 1/3 of all coffee produced) so when something happens in Brazil, the rest of the coffee industry feels the effect. None more so than the recent impact of Covid on the ability to export followed by a severe drought, which heavily damaged Brazilian coffee crops, and now a harmful frost is dashing hopes of a recovery crop to meet the current deficit.

Put simply, this crop failure forecast is threatening supply and therefore the cost of coffee is continuing to rise. The cost for Arabica in April '21 was $1.20/lb, now in July it already stands at over $2. With Brazil facing its coldest weather in 25 years, we could see prices hit historic highs of $3/lb come Sept/ Oct should the necessary rain not fall to help boost the Brazil crop shortfall.

With prices already lurching up, it may be time to practice our most hopeful rain dance yet...

As of 30th June, Mozzo has invested £69,414.41 directly into the C2C Fund™ (since 2015) - an amount we have to say we are proud of considering everything we have all faced over the past 18 months. 

But what we are most proud of is the amount of tremendous good that continues to come out of the maternity and paediatric clinic that the C2C Fund™ built last year and continues to fund to date...

2,448 sick people were cared for and 365 babies were welcomed to the world. 


As always, thank you to everyone who continues to support Mozzo - we couldn't have achieved this without the support of our fantastic customers and partners.