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Blue Label Coffee Bags (Decaf)

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Blue Label Coffee Bags (Decaf)
Blue Label Coffee Bags (Decaf)
Blue Label Coffee Bags (Decaf)
Blue Label Coffee Bags (Decaf)

Origins: Brazil

Species: 100% Arabica

Process: Natural, Swiss Water decaffeination

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Smooth and light bodied with mellow acidity and notes of chocolate and nuts.

A 100% Arabica Swiss Water® Process single origin decaf from Brazil. The Swiss Water® Process uses water, temperature and time to decaffeinate the coffee, rather than chemicals. This method of decaffeination ensures that all the best flavours remain in the cup making it so good you might doubt it’s decaf!

Our brew-in-cup filter coffee bags, can be enjoyed anywhere! All you need is a kettle and a cup. To use, simply follow the instructions below and enjoy black or with a touch of milk. 

(We recommend 1 coffee bag per 250ml of hot water)

Mozzo invests 1p per capsule & 5p for every kg of coffee sold into the Community2Community Fund™.

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