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Black Label Speciality Blend Test

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Black Label Speciality Blend Test

[tab1]Blend Profile[/tab1]

[tab1_txt]Origin: Fazenda Palmital (Brazil), Las Acacias (Colombia), Rebuild Women’s Hope (DRC)

Species: 100% Arabica

Process: Natural, Washed

Roast: Light/Medium

Tasting Notes: This coffee is fruity and light with a medium body, complex acidity and notes of caramel and berries.

Our fruitiest blend, this speciality grade combination of remarkable coffees is perfect for those who like complex acidity in their cup. Enjoy it as a sweet milky coffee, or a light and bright espresso.[tab1_txt]

[tab2]C2C Fund™[/tab2]

[tab2_txt]This coffee contains beans from our current C2C Fund™ partner, the remarkable Rebuild Women’s Hope Cooperative (RWH) on Idjwi Island in Eastern DRC. Find out more about RWH and how we have been working with them here.

Built into Mozzo’s business model is a fixed social dividend invested directly into our Community2Community Fund™ with all coffee sold. Contributing across the entire Mozzo Coffee range, we solidify our commitment by investing 1p per capsule, 1p per coffee bag and 10p in every kg of roast and ground coffee sold into the Fund. [/tab2_txt] 

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