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Muungano, DRC (Natural)

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Muungano, DRC (Natural)
Muungano, DRC (Natural)

Region: Lake Kivu, East DRC

Species: 100% Arabica

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Roast: Light/medium

Tasting Notes: Sweet, rich & medium-bodied with a mellow acidity; blueberry and floral characteristics with a subtle boozy note.

Last year marked the first time Muungano coffee was processed using the Natural method which has enhanced the fruity characteristics of the Muungano coffee, bringing in some vibrant blueberry characteristics and a note of booziness (likely well appreciated by wine drinkers). Rich in body and sweetness, enjoy this coffee either black or with milk.

Run by General Manager Daniel Chinyabuguma, President Fikiri Agnendos and Head Agronomist Julie Nirere, Muungano has been at the forefront of the effort revive the DRC Coffee Industry over the past decade or more. 'Muungano' – meaning togetherness in Swahili - is the guiding principle of the cooperative located close to the shores of Lake Kivu in eastern DRC. Muungano’s farmers have the perfect conditions to produce top-grade speciality Arabica coffee and they are committed to improving quality. 

A partner of the C2C Fund since 2014 you can find out more about the Muungano at  

Built into Mozzo’s business model is a fixed social dividend invested directly into the Community2Community Fund™ with all coffee sold. 

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