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Celebrating £100K Invested Into Our C2C Fund™

In 2015, we set up the Community2Community Fund™ to ensure every purchase of our coffee delivers a positive impact. Today, we are delighted to share that over £100,000 has been invested into the fund to date.

Built into Mozzo’s business model is a fixed social dividend that goes directly into the C2C Fund™ with all coffee sold. The fund sets out to support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities around the world. To date, we have invested £100,560.52 into the fund.

Investment goes directly to our partner cooperatives who take the lead on how best the money can be utilised.

C2C Fund™ has helped build the first-ever maternity clinic on Idjwi Island in partnership with a female-led cooperative Rebuild Women’s Hope and enabled improvement to the infrastructure, productivity and quality of Muungano cooperative in DRC.

This year, we are excited to travel to Nicaragua to meet our next C2C Fund™ partner and discover how the fund can be best utilised to create maintainable improvements for the coffee producer community.

We are thrilled to see the difference C2C Fund™ investment makes to our coffee growing partners. This truly is the magic of Mozzo.

A massive thanks to you, all of our fantastic customers and partners, who have helped us achieve this milestone.

Here’s to lots more great coffee and the next £100,000 milestone!

Read more about the C2C Fund here.