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Starting '23 as we mean to go on...

Mozzo Coffee | 31 January, 2023

A work in progress - investing in improvement with our new coffee silo system.

Well and truly welcoming in 2023, we’ve kicked off the year as we mean to go on and (as always) are determined to push on with positivity despite the unrelenting effect the last 3 years continues to have.

C2C Fund

Last year, through sheer determination and the support of all our customers, we were able to contribute £20,633.92 from coffee sales into the C2C Fund™, bringing the total investment amount to £118,259.11 (since 2015). There has been much research, discussion, visits and video calls going on behind the scenes to find our next project partners and we cannot wait to announce the new partnerships in a few weeks’ time.

Elevating efficiency (literally!)

We’ve also invested in our infrastructure to be able to increase our capacity and efficiency for producing the best coffee we can. A shiny new silo system is currently being installed to store and transport our green and roasted coffee. New green coffee will travel up from the sack, directly to the roaster above, before the freshly roasted coffee travels back down to the packaging machine. A serious bit of kit that will improve roasting times whilst still enabling us to maintain our Mozzo standards and the magic of roasting coffee.

New website – on it’s way…

Speaking of magic, we are getting ever closer to finally launching our new website. It has been an enormous project full of learnings, but we have a truly awesome team in Matt, Rory and the clever folks at Superrb web design - currently beavering away with us to create something we are very excited to share in a couple of months. More on this as we draw closer to project completion…