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Coffee Pod Range

Coffee pods for the coffee connoisseur. Our small but mighty coffee pod range is compatible with all Nespresso® Original machines
HOUSE Capsules
HOUSE Capsules £4.00
Unmistakably Mozzo – a perfectly balanced and beautifully smooth coffee.
CLASSIC Capsules
CLASSIC Capsules £4.00
Reminiscent of a classic Italian espresso, intense and full-bodied.
SIGNATURE Capsules £4.20
Our speciality grade blend combines remarkable coffees for those who enjoy a light, bright cup.
DECAF Capsules
DECAF Capsules £4.10
Our naturally decaffeinated coffee that doesn’t compromise on flavour, quality or character.
Mozzo Recycling Bag
Mozzo Recycling Bag
Add a free Mozzo capsule recycling bag to your order.
Capsule Recycling Collection
Capsule Recycling Collection
Request your capsule recycling bag to be collected for free.