Nespresso® compatible

Nespresso® compatible pods that bring a fresh taste and consistency with every cup. Available to buy in three different blends and two single-origin coffees. Choose from a bold Italian espresso inspired Classic blend, or the smoothness of the medium roast House blend. Perhaps the light fruity flavour of Rebuild Women's Hope coffee pods might be your thing.


Our coffee pods are 100% aluminium & fully recyclable. Don’t forget to join the Mozzo coffee pod recycling scheme!

Yes! The coffee capsules we've created are compatible with Nespresso® Original machines, and super convenient for everyday use.

At a push, yes you could. However, the grounds from coffee capsules are a little finer than you would typically use to make say a cafetière coffee. You can carefully cut your coffee pod open and empty the grounds into your cafetière. Depending on how much coffee you want, you might need to use more than one pod... why not buy a bag of filter coffee instead... ;)