This is no ordinary decaf coffee. We use the all-natural Swiss Water® Process for decaffeination to preserve the most amount of freshly roasted coffee flavour from our beans. Available in either decaf beans, ground, decaf coffee bags or decaf Nespresso® compatible pods.


We use the the Swiss Water® process for all our decaf coffee. It uses water, temperature and time to decaffeinate the coffee, rather than chemicals. This method of decaffeination ensures that all the best flavours remain in the cup making it so good you might doubt it’s decaf.

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It really depends on how the coffee beans are roasted, and how they are decaffeinated. In some chemical processes, when caffeine is removed it removes the some of the flavours and oils. Which is why Mozzo use the Swiss Water® process for our decaf coffee, it is chemical free & doesn't compromise flavour.

Some people recommend that decaf is better for you if you suffer with anxiety, headaches, or poor sleep quality. Reducing your caffeine intake is a lifestyle choice.