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Celebrating the impact of 1 million capsules

This month we sold our 1 millionth coffee pod. A cause for celebration at Mozzo World as this means that since we launched the line in 2018 we’ve contributed £10,000 to the C2C Fund™ from capsule sales alone.


Mozzo wants the coffee pod collection to have a bigger purpose beyond simply delivering a convenient and consistently great cup of coffee. So we fixed the contribution to the C2C Fund™ at 1 pence for every capsule sold. An impact that we are proud to realise but also serves to spur us on to reach the next £10k as soon as we can.


Launching the coffee pods as an extension to our espresso and filter range, we built a selection based on our core range of house coffees translated across to super simple single-use. Moving away from the original plastic capsules very quickly. The range evolved into 100% recyclable aluminium pods and we launched our own independent closed-loop coffee pod recycling scheme. We use aluminium because it is infinitely recyclable, saving around 95% of the original energy and greenhouse emissions used in the primary production process each time it is recycled. Aluminium is currently the very best way to retain the quality of the coffee inside, other “compostable” alternatives do not have a high enough oxygen barrier leaving the coffee inside to spoil a lot quicker.

All elements of the coffee capsules, including the free bag you store them in, are recycled in the scheme. The metal is turned into new items, the coffee is used in products like compost or fuel and the plastic bags are turned from waste-to-energy.