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Supporting the Expansion of Matumaini Hospital

Life-Saving Coffee

On 26th Dec 2020 a baby girl called Noella was born on Idjwi Island in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She was the first baby born into safety at the newly opened Matumaini (meaning “Hope” in Swahili) Hospital- a maternity and paediatric focused clinic built by Rebuild Women’s Hope Coffee Cooperative and Mozzo Coffee.

Since then, over 2,500 babies have been safely born and over 24, 000 outpatients and 13, 000 inpatients have been treated for a wide range of vital health needs including malnutrition, malaria, cancer, cholera, injury and sexual health. However, the maternal and paediatric mortality rate is still higher on Idjwi Island than in the rest of DRC, let alone the rest of the world (DRC ranks in the top 10 worst countries for infant mortality rate and top 11 for maternal mortality). Matumaini Hospital provision needs expanding to continue to save more lives.

That’s where we all come in

Mozzo has pledged to raise the $60,000 needed to build a vital intensive care unit and operating theatre for the hospital. We are doing this by donating 100% of the profits from our collection of Rebuild Women’s Hope coffees, now available for you to buy and enjoy. We know that with the support and involvement from our caffeine community, we can pour our collective heart into raising the funds and truly live up to our motto of Fuelling Positive Change.

What does 100% profits mean?

We will be donating a fixed amount, the total end profit, for each product in the Rebuild Women’s Hope collection, each week we will update you on how much has been raised so far.

The donations per product are:

  • 15p per capsule (£1.50 a tube)
  • 10p per brew-in-cup coffee bag (£5.00 per pack)
  • £2.00 per 250g bag
  • £5.00 per 500g bag

Coffee. Community. Connection

Our partnership with Rebuild Women’s Hope goes beyond business, it is friendship. A friendship made possible by your support. Together we can fuel positive change, connecting coffee-drinkers and coffee-growers through our collective love and appreciation of the humble coffee bean. We believe in the power of truly uplifting coffee, thank you for joining us.