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Espresso ground coffee or beans that will hit all your senses. Explore the Italian-inspired rich, bold & intense flavours of our Classic Espresso blend, to the Decaf Espresso pure and chemical-free, a dark roast with a delightful chocolate and nutty taste that can be enjoyed any time of day. Indulge in your favourite coffee.
REBUILD WOMEN'S HOPE Espresso from £9.00
Espresso coffee beans or ground, perfect for moka pots & espresso machines
HOUSE Espresso
HOUSE Espresso from £7.50
Our house blend delivers a beautifully balanced espresso coffee.
CLASSIC Espresso
CLASSIC Espresso from £7.50
Reminiscent of a classic Italian espresso, intense and full-bodied.
SIGNATURE Espresso from £9.00
Signature Espresso, a speciality coffee for those who enjoy a lighter roast coffee.
DECAF Espresso
DECAF Espresso from £8.50
Decaffeinated espresso coffee with no compromise on flavour or quality.
Espresso Selection Box
Espresso Selection Box £21.50
A selection of our most popular espresso blend coffees.