Experience the distinct flavours of our single-origin coffees. Bold speciality coffee beans from some of the best coffee growing regions. Bringing you unique flavour profiles from around the world, selected carefully to best support the farmers and communities we buy from. Try our current special collection, responsibly sourced from Colombia, Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 



The phrase single origin coffee refers to coffee beans grown from a single source, such as a singular cooperative or farm.

It's an awesome question! It is totally dependent on your taste preference, everyone is different. The characteristics of the coffee bean are from the terroir of the region where it's grown, so the taste can be very specific. We've chosen to offer single origin because we love to source really special coffee beans, why not try something new!

  1. Try a new and unique flavour profile: each single origin coffee will have a specific flavour, unique to the region and grower. We highly recommend trying out different origins to expand your coffee palate.
  2. Trace coffee back to it's original source: many coffee lovers like to know the growers & how it's processed. Learning about the origin may help you to choose your favourite.
  3. Try something different! We love to source unique single origin coffee to help our customers expand their tastes and try something new.