Home Brewing

Enjoying your coffee…
When it comes to enjoying your coffee, there are no rules (well maybe a few), the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your caffeine tolerance). Whether you take it black, with milk or as a double shot, it’s your personal preference that rules the roast. For an extra touch of sweetness and body, our recommendation is to go for fresh, ideally locally sourced, whole milk. And let’s not forget the plant-based alternatives like soya, oat (everyone’s firm favourite at the moment), almond or coconut. 

Few simple prep instructions for best results…

- Use filtered tap water but if your tap water is particularly hard then use natural spring bottled water (recycle after!)

- If you have time, warm your coffee cup before you begin with some hot water.

- We also recommend flushing your machine before use

- Don’t forget to turn off your machine after use to save energy. 

- Refer to manufacturer's guidelines on how best to use your machine.


Handy home brewing guides…

We’ve put together top tips for brewing your favourite coffee at home: 

Top tips


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