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Follow our espresso brew guide for an exceptionally easy espresso shot to make at home. Our instructions will help you to smash out the perfect morning espresso coffee. Get the best out of your coffee machine and create that buzz time after time.

Step 1: Prepare your handle & group handle

Start by ensuring your machine and group handle are clean. If rinsing your group handle, be sure to wipe it dry before adding in your ground coffee.

Top tip: Cleaning your equipment will prevent bitter/burnt tastes from old coffee affecting your fresh coffee.

Step 2: Preheat your cup

If your cup or mug is cold, preheat it with a bit of hot water. Dispose of the water once the cup is warm.

Step 3: Weigh & grind coffee

Weigh 17 - 19g of coffee and grind it to a fine grind size similar in consistency to icing sugar (if not already pre-ground). Add it to your dry group handle.

Top tip: Drying the handle will then prevent the dry coffee grinds from getting wet before the main extraction is meant to take place.

Step 4: Distribute, tamp & brew

Distribute the coffee evenly in your basket and tamp firmly, ensuring you maintain a flat, even surface, this is important for consistent extraction. Brush away any stray grinds from the top and sides of the group handle. Flush the group head, then insert your group handle into your machine. Pop your cup below your group handle to receive your espresso.

Top tip: Press the button to engage your machine as soon as you insert the handle to prevent your dry coffee bed from getting wet ahead of main extraction.

Step 5: Knock out & enjoy!

Once the coffee has finished extracting, remove your cup and knock out your used coffee grinds. Be sure to clean your machine to start fresh again for your next cup. Enjoy!

Espresso coffee

Using an espresso machine is the only brew method that achieves a truly concentrated shot of espresso. Whether you like it neat or mixed with milk or water, the below guide will set you on your way to brewing amazing espresso.

Personalise your cup of coffee:

Manipulating the grind size, dose and brew time will extract different flavours from your coffee. Personalise your cup of coffee to your tastes by using the below:

  1. Adjust your grind: coarser grinds will produce a lighter-bodied brew, while finer grinds will give you a fuller-bodied coffee.
  2. Adjust your dose: by changing the dose of coffee you use, you can adjust the strength of your coffee to your liking.
  3. Adjust your brew time: Similar to a teabag, leaving coffee grinds in contact with hot water for too long can result in an overly bitter and over-extracted cup of coffee. Our brew time is only a guideline - decrease or increase the brew time to adjust the intensity of the brew to your taste.