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Ground coffee being poured into an AeroPress

Coffee brewing with an AeroPress is an easy, quick and no mess method that coffee lovers can enjoy as part of a morning ritual or easily on the go. Learn how to use an AeroPress and ace your brew either with the super simple standard method or become an upside-down convert for a stronger brew.

A lady placing the AeroPress on a table with ground coffee

Step 1: Boil your water

Start out by boiling your water. It will need to sit for a moment to ensure it comes down to the optimum temperature for brewing coffee - between 92-96°C.

Top tip: we recommend using filtered water to extract the best flavours from your coffee.

A lady placing the AeroPress funnel for the upside down filter coffee method

Step 2: Rinse the filter & build your AeroPress (upside down)

Start by rinsing the paper filter with freshly boiled water to remove any papery taints and improve the extraction of your coffee. Assemble your Aeropress in the “inverted position”.

Top tip: we recommend using the “inverted” method - which means standing the chamber and plunger upside down - as this approach tends to produce the best results.

A lady pouring hot water from a stainless steel kettle into a coffee mug

Step 3: Pre-heat your cup or coffee flask

Pop some hot water into your cup or decanter to preheat them. Dispose of the water once they are warm.

Top tip: preheating your decanter or cup will help to prevent a drop in temperature during brewing.

A lady weighing out ground coffee with a small weighing scale & measuring spoon

Step 4: Weigh & grind your coffee

Weigh 12-14g of coffee and grind it to a medium grind size similar in consistency to caster sugar (if not already pre-ground).

A lady pouring the ground coffee into the AeroPress

Step 5: Coffee & water goes in

Pop your ground coffee into the top chamber of your Aeropress (while it is upside down). Start your timer and slowly pour the water in, trying to cover all the coffee grinds evenly. Stir the coffee gently to ensure all grinds are wet and screw the paper filter and cap onto your Aeropress.

Top tip: stirring helps to agitate the grinds and encourage further extraction for a more full-bodied brew.

A lady pushing down on the AeroPress plunger to make filter coffee

Step 6: Flip, plunge & enjoy your coffee!

Allow your coffee to brew for 2 minutes then flip your AeroPress on top of your mug and slowly plunge your coffee (aim to take about 30 seconds). Set aside the AeroPress and enjoy!

AeroPress Coffee

Despite being originally created for espresso, the AeroPress has been found to produce a better result when used to brew a longer filter-style coffee. An incredibly popular and versatile coffee brewing method.

Personalise your cup of coffee:

Manipulating the grind size, dose and brew time will extract different flavours from your coffee. Personalise your cup of coffee to your tastes by using the below:

  1. Adjust your grind: coarser grinds will produce a lighter-bodied brew, while finer grinds will give you a fuller-bodied coffee.
  2. Adjust your dose: by changing the dose of coffee you use, you can adjust the strength of your coffee to your liking.