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Cold brew: RISE and Shine

Cold brew is a strong choice any time of year, but comes into its own as a reviving summer drink. A totally different brewing and drinking experience to iced coffee – for cold brew you need cold filtered water, coarsely ground coffee and a much longer steep time to prepare it.

We know not everyone has a Toddy or a special cold brewer at home, so we've tailored our cold brew recipe for a brewer that's more commonly used at home – the cafetière.

Step 1

Weigh the correct amount of coffee for your cafetière size based on the above ratios.

Step 2

Grind your coffee to a coarse grind (if not already ground)

Step 3

Place your ground coffee into your cafetière

step 4

Measure out the correct amount of cold, filtered water following the above recipe

Step 5

Pour your cold, filtered water over the coffee trying to ensure all grounds are wet.

Step 6

Close your cafetière, but do not plunge it

Step 7

Place the cafetière in the fridge and allow to brew for 14-15 hours

Step 8

Once the coffee has brewed, push down the plunger on your cafetière and decant the coffee into glasses to drink, or a bottle to store (we want to remove the coffee from the water so that it doesn't over-extract).

Step 9

Best served poured over ice

Personalise your brew:

Manipulating the grind size, dose and brew time will extract different flavours from your coffee:

- Adjust your grind: coarser grinds will produce a lighter-bodied brew, while finer grinds will give you a fuller-bodied coffee.

- Adjust your dose: by changing the dose of coffee you use, you can adjust the strength of your coffee to your liking.

- Adjust your brew time: similar to a teabag, leaving coffee grinds in contact with water for too long can result in an overly bitter and over-extracted cup of coffee. Our brew time is only a guideline – decrease or increase the brew time to adjust the intensity of the brew to your taste.

More about RISE espresso blend

Created in the name of positivity and progression, this light/medium roasted and fruity seasonal blend is a firm favourite among our team for crafting a refreshingly good cold brew.