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Community2Community Fund™

Celebrations with the RWH & Idjwi community, at the site of the clinic funded by C2C investments, Idjwi Island, DRC Feb '20 

We’ve doubled our C2C Fund contribution. From 1st Sept 2020, we’ve increased our investment into the Fund from 5p to 10p for every kilo of roast and ground coffee sold. We also continue to invest 1p per capsule too, that’s 10p in every tube sold.

The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 represents, along with climate change, the biggest threat to the communities upon which the coffee industry is built.

This increase in our C2C Fund™ investment is permanent, a solid step forward in our continued commitment to community impact and improvement... even when it means taking more off our bottom line at a time when much of the world is desperately shielding its commercial interests.

Now is a moment in time to look forward with renewed positivity, greater compassion for others and a deeper sense of generosity than ever before. Positive community advancement across the entire coffee value chain is possible… we just have to be brave and make it happen.

Find out more about the C2C Fund and the impact it is enabling in coffee communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo…