Built from C2C investment: the 1st maternity clinic on South Idjwi Island, DRC - Dec '20

Nyangoma Washing Station, drying tables built with C2C investment, Muungano, DRC - Apr '19

C2C Fund™

Established in 2015, the C2C Fund™ is our way of ensuring every purchase of Mozzo Coffee delivers a positive impact throughout the coffee value chain. The Fund sets out to support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities.

Built into Mozzo’s business model is a fixed social dividend invested directly into the Community2Community (C2C) Fund™ with all coffee sold. Contributing across the entire Mozzo Coffee range, we invest 1p per capsule, 1p per coffee bag and 10p in every kg of roast and ground coffee sold into the Fund. ​

​The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 represents, along with climate change, the biggest threat to the communities upon which the coffee industry is built. Now is a moment in time to look forward with renewed positivity, greater compassion for others and a deeper sense of generosity than ever before.

C2C Fund™ investment has so far helped us build the first-ever maternity and paediatric clinic on Idjwi Island in partnership with a female-led cooperative Rebuild Women’s Hope, and enabled us to improve the infrastructure, productivity and quality of a start-up cooperative in DRC called Muungano.

​So far we have invested £98,952.73* into the Fund and we can’t wait to do more with our coffee growing communities. Read more about the C2C Fund™ here.

​​*Figure correct as of end Jan '22 and includes investment from Mozzo Coffee sales and additional investment from Mozzo Coffee.