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Christmas Spiced Butter Latte

Get that festive feeling by whipping up a Christmas spiced butter latte at home using our Christmas blend coffee Festive Spirit. Our super easy latte recipe is the ultimate holiday sipper and winter coffee drink. Brimming with spices and seasonal notes of toffee, panettone and dried apricots. If you’re opting for a dairy-free latte, go ahead and use a milk and butter alternative to still enjoy those festive flavours in every sip.

Discover the best way to make a Christmas spiced latte at home by following our recipe instructions:

Spiced butter: step 1

Make sure the butter is softened before mixing

Spiced butter: step 2

Mix all the ingredients until smooth

Spiced butter: tip 1

It’s important that butter is at room temperature before mixing to make sure all spices and sugar are mixed together properly

Spiced Butter: tip 2

the spiced butter can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge for several days as the mixture will make at least 19 - 20 lattes

Latte: step 1

Put the spiced butter mix into a mug (approx. 10-12oz in size)

Latte: Step 2

Prepare the double shot of your Festive Spirit espresso by following our espresso brewing guide. Our personal favourite recipe:
- 18g ground coffee in; 36 - 40g brewed espresso out
- 26 - 30 second extraction

Latte: Step 3

Add the double shot of Festive Spirit to the spiced butter and mix thoroughly to ensure everything has melted and is well combined

Latte: Step 4

Prepare your milk using a milk frother. If you don’t have a milk frother at home then use a whisk and whisk the hot milk until it has almost doubled in size.

Latte: Step 5

Fill the mug with frothed milk until full

Latte: Step 6

Serve immediately and enjoy. Sprinkle with spices for the added touch

Christmas Coffee: Festive Spirit

The Mozzo coffee team has been working passionately behind the scenes to develop a Christmas coffee blend that delivers something truly festive in every sip. Festive Spirit is a syrupy, medium-bodied coffee with seasonal notes of toffee, panettone and dried apricots. Whether you prefer espresso or filter, this blend is tailored to suit your home brewing gear. Buy our Christmas coffee today.