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Espresso coffee being poured into a long glass to make an espresso tonic

In recent years the espresso tonic has risen to become a trendy summer drink, earning itself a spot as a fresh classic. Crisp, fruity and bubbly, we’ve got an awesome recipe just for you featuring our signature espresso. Feel free to craft it with or without a coffee liqueur, it’s your call.

Step 1

Prepare your Signature espresso by following our espresso brewing guide.

Our personal favourite recipe:
- 18g ground coffee in; 36 - 40g brewed espresso out
- 26 - 30 second extraction

Step 2

Set the espresso aside to cool while you assemble the other ingredients

Step 3

Fill your glass to the top with ice cubes

Step 4

Pour in the tonic water until your glass is about ¾ filled

Step 5

Optional step: pour a shot of coffee liqueur into your brewed espresso

Step 6

Optional step: add vanilla syrup to your espresso and liqueur mixture to add extra sweetness

Step 7

Pour the espresso mixture slowly over the tonic to create a contrasting effect between the dark layer of coffee and the tonic underneath

Step 8

Serve immediately and enjoy

Speciality Coffee: Signature espresso  

Signature espresso is our speciality grade coffee blend. Specially crafted for coffee drinkers seeking a bright and light coffee experience. Fruity and medium-bodied, if you enjoy a cup with a bit of a tang you’ll love its complex acidity, enhanced by hints of vanilla, caramelised apple, and hazelnut.