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Frozen Espresso Martini

Don’t let summer slip away just yet, we’re here to keep the party going with our frozen espresso martini recipe. Classic summer cocktail vibes, but with a twist, this recipe features crushed ice and our very popular full-bodied espresso blend. It’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser for your summer dinner parties, we promise.

Step 1

Prepare your Classic coffee using our espresso brewing guide.
18g ground coffee in; 36 - 40g brewed espresso out
24 - 28 second extraction

Step 4

Pour your drink into a martini glass and garnish with 3 coffee beans

Step 2

Once brewed, pour the coffee into the blender followed by the coffee liqueur, vodka and vanilla syrup

Step 3

Add in your crushed ice or ice cubes (a full martini glass of ice should do) and blend until smooth, takes about 1 minute

Step 5

Serve immediately and enjoy

What coffee to use with a espresso martini?

Try a classic espresso blend for those coffee lovers who like an espresso martini a little more intense. Reminiscent of a classic Italian espresso, thick, full-bodied, and with a bitter cocoa finish. With the highest caffeine content in all of our blends, this coffee is great for creating those ‘wake me up’ americanos and espressos (or espresso martinis of course).