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Iced Coffee at Home

Iced coffee season is upon us and we’re here for it. To make a great iced coffee at home you only need two things: quality coffee and the right method. Luckily for you, we have both. Follow this simple step-by-step recipe using our seasonal coffee blend RISE to make a refreshing iced americano or latte.

Step 1

Fill your glass to the top with ice cubes

Step 2

Then pour in your water or milk. Aim to fill your glass ¾ of the way up

Step 3

Prepare your RISE espresso by following our espresso brewing guide.
Our favourite recipe:
- 18g ground coffee in 35 - 40g brewed espresso
- 28 - 32 second extraction

Step 4

Pour your espresso over the top of your iced water/milk

Step 5

Stir and enjoy

Sweet tooth?

If you want to add sugar or sweetener, we really recommend dissolving your sweet stuff in the espresso before pouring it over your drink.

More about RISE espresso blend

Created in the name of positivity and progression, this light/medium roasted and fruity seasonal blend is a firm favourite among our team for crafting a refreshingly good iced coffee.